Many of our customers ask us: What is the difference between Solotica Hidrocor and Solotica Natural Colours?

Here is the Answer:

Solotica Hidrocor don't have a limbal ring and are most natural.

The yearly disposable lens Solotica Hidrocor are suitable for light and natural makeup styles. 

   Solotica Hidrocor - without limbal ring 

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Solotica Natural Colours have a slight limbal ring on the outside of the lens.

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The yearly disposable Solotica Natural Colors is suitable for most makeup styles but are intensifying the look clearly.

Solotica Natural Colors - with limbal ring   Solotica Natural Colors - with limbal ring   

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What is the difference between the monthly Solotica Solflex Natural Colors and the yearly Solotica Natural Colors lenses?

The colour of the monthly Solflex and the yearly Natural Colors is identical.

The pattern of colour distribution on the lens is slightly different. Furthermore, the limbal ring is more defined than on the yearly Natural Colors - more similar to the Natural Colors

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Please Note: NEVER sleep with your contact lenses in and always store them in a sterile container in fresh contact lens solution!