How to clean Solotica colored contact lenses?

You’ve purchased your beautiful Solotica Hidrocor or Solotica Natural Colors colored contacts from, but how can you wear one pair of contact lenses for an entire year?

Believe us when we say it is true, Solotica has combined their pioneering contact lens technology with striking opaque colors to create these collections. Whether you require power or not, buying a yearly contact lens provides excellent value for money.

5 points are extremely important to consider when cleaning your contact lenses:

There are 5 points that are extremely important to consider:

1. Hygiene

Your eyes are precious so wash your eyes each time before you handle your lenses or touch your eye. Don't use a soap with moisturizer as it will leave traces on the lens when you touch them.

When you have washed your hands, dry them with a lint free towel. Lints are particles like dust.

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2. Solution for the cleaning of Solotica Contact lenses

You can use any Multi-purpose solution suitable for soft contact lenses for cleaning and storing your Solotica lenses.

Always use fresh solution - NEVER reuse the solution from the day before

3. Contact Lens Case

You must clean the contact lens case regularly and let it dry completely.

Whenever you start a new bottle of contact lens solution, use the new free case, that comes with it.

4. Nails

Do not handle your Solotica contact lenses with any sharp objects such as fingernails. Fingernails can cause small tears in the lens which will be extremely uncomfortable when you put into your eye. How to put in contact lenses correctly can take practice, but it is important to do it correctly to ensure good eye health.

5. Makeup

Do not ever let your makeup or eyeliner touch the contact lenses as they can damage or dirty your lenses. You should put your contact lenses in first before starting your makeup.