It’s perhaps one of the few days that everyone around the world gets excited about - that day when we transition from one year to the next, and what awaits us is a full year of opportunity. In case you haven’t guessed, we’re talking about New Year's Eve! The ways in which people celebrate differ all across the globe, but one thing is for certain: we all want to have a good time!

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Whether you’re going out to a party or heading to a low key dinner with friends, there’s a good chance you’ll be wearing some makeup on this important night. How can you pair your colored contacts with your specific NYE makeup to ensure you look flawless? knows the secrets and we’re excited to share them!

Your guide for best NYE makeup complemented with colored contact lenses

Don’t Compete

The last thing you want to do on any given day, especially on New Year’s Eve, is to have too many things happening on your face. General makeup guidelines suggest that bold eyeshadows should be paired with a more neutral lip and vice versa. Obviously, on this big night you may want to break the rules a little bit, but here’s what we recommend.

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Deciding what you want to be the highlight of your look will help because if you’re looking to have your new lipstick shine, you’re better off choosing a softer colored contact lens like Topazio, a part of Solotica Colored Contact Lenses Collections. This bright blue with soft yellow combination is subtle enough to let the rest of your style stand out.

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Yet if you want your eyes to be center stage, consider something natural or bold like Anesthesia contact lenses, most of the colored lenses features a strong limbal ring and multidimensional color. This colored contact pairs really nicely with black eyeliner and a good mascara!

Consider It All

It’s not just the main elements of lips and eyes to think about when it comes to your makeup on New Year’s Eve as the tones you’re using play into your entire look in a big way. For most people, it’s best to incorporate a bit of contrast rather than attempting to stay monochromatic and matching everything together.

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Take for example a soft and neutral makeup look that includes brown eyeshadows and a nude lip. Would you want to pair this with a brown colored contact lens, or go a little more outside of the box? The same rule applies to other color combinations too, so if you’re interested in playing with blue or green eye color, don’t opt for a lens that matches that shade too much.

Overall, New Year’s Eve is a time when you get to express yourself a little more fully as the night is all about having a good time with others and letting go of your cares for just a little while. Ultimately the ways in which you pair your colored contacts with your makeup are solely up to you, and we hope that your purchase from will help to make this New Year’s Eve a night that you’ll never forget!