The beautiful new Solotica packaging is one more prove for the quality and exquisite sense of beauty which makes Solotica so unique.

The newly introduced package of the 3 collections Hidrocor, Natural Colors and Hidrocharme will maintain their classic colours blue, purple and green to continue to be easily recognizable.

Besides the lenses which continue to be sealed in medical grade glass vials and the lens case, the new packaging will feature a multi-language leaflet.

The more elaborate closing mechanism protects the vials even better and - when being opened - contains at the same time some useful reminders to ensure the lenses to be enjoyed for a long time.

The unique and natural Solotica Hidrocor


The distinctive design of the box reflects the unique approach of Solotica to create the most natural and the most stunning contact lenses worldwide.

While being subtle in look, the different pattern of the glossy accents reflects the special character of each collection be it Hidrocor, Natural Colors or Hidrocharme.

The subtle but expressive Solotica Natural Colors

The contrast rich lens that leaves an impression - Solotica Hidrocharme

IMPORTANT: A delivery of the new generation packaging from today onwards will be aspired but cannot be guaranteed