After being out of stock for some time we are glad to inform all our customers that new stocks of Hidrocor and Natural Colors Cristal have arrived here in Dubai from Solotica in Brazil!

With their light and cool colour, Kendall Jenner and even Kanye West keep wearing their pairs this winter and we are overwhelmed with the number of customers who have asked us for them.

We have received them both in Hidrocor (without limbal ring) as well as in Natural Colors (with a slight contrast enhancing limbal ring)

For now we have them only in plano (0.00 prescription power) but we expect to receive another large shipment during the next 3 weeks and will then be able to supply the Hidrocor Cristal as well as the Natural Colors Cristal again in all prescription powers.

Hidrocor and Natural Colors both are yearly contact lenses and therefore have to be taken care off perfectly. 

  • Always use fresh contact lens solution when storing the lenses - exchange the solution every 3 days even if you don't wear the lenses.
  • Perfect Hygiene will avoid any bacteria to rest on the surface of your Solotica lenses and will ensure a long lens lifetime as well as good eye health.


here you can find the links to the Solotica Cristal in our store:

Solotica Hidrocor Cristal

Solotica Natural Colors Cristal