Synonymous with fashion moguls around the world, Bella colored contacts has a robust collection of options to change your look in no time. From dark and sultry colors to light and flirty shades, their Elite collection from Bella contact lenses specifically caters to the men and women who want a natural style with minimal effort.

If you’re in need of colored contact lenses for brown eyes, the Elite collection has released three new shades that are sure to make your jaw drop in admiration. Bella Elite Ambar Gray, Bella Elite Mint Gray, and Bella Elite Mint Crystal will join the other seven Bella Elite colored contact lenses to round out their collection beautifully. Let’s explore these new colored contacts and see what they have in store!

New Subtle Colors To Try Bella Elite Elite Colored Contact Lenses

Bella Elite Amber Gray

Nearly every option in the Bella Elite collection imparts a natural glow, particularly for individuals with brown eyes. Now, these gray colored contacts will add a touch of earthly brilliance to any look. Featuring an olive green gray tone that looks lovely on any skin tone, these are the best-colored contacts for anyone who wants to transform into a green-eyed beauty!

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Bella Elite Mint Gray

Just the thought of this color makes us dream of misty shores on a lush green island or perhaps a wintery landscape just before dawn. Another great option for any natural eye color, Mint Gray is sure to be a best-seller in the Bella Elite collection. A cool winter gray with a hint of sparkling green, this color transitions well from day to night, office hours to weekend getaways.

Bella Elite Crystal N

Obtaining a light yet natural eye color can be a challenge, and the team at Bella has perfected the ability to lighten even the darkest shade of brown with this light and pearly gray. The Elite collection is known for how seamlessly their colors blend with your eyes, and without a strong limbal right or overdone highlights, people just might think you were born with this shade.

If you’re already a fan of Bella Colored Contact Lenses then you’ll have to try each of these three colors and rotate them into your regular line-up. New to gray colored contacts, or colored contact lenses in general? Click to review the entire Elite collection and also check out the other styles of lenses that Bella has to offer.

Once these three colors become available, be sure to order them from, the exclusive online provider for colored contact lenses with phenomenal customer service. We ship worldwide using FedEx so that you get your lenses quickly and they are always packaged with care.

At we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, so if you have questions about the new Bella Elite colors before you purchase them, feel free to contact us. We’re confident that Ambar Gray, Mint Gray, and Crystal will become best sellers, so be sure to place your order right away! We’re always excited to see our lenses on people from around the world, so don’t be shy - tag us on Instagram @lensdotme and show everyone how lovely these new Bella colors truly are!