The newest installment of lenses from our beloved Solotica doesn’t just change how long you can wear them - instead, they’ve taken their lens colors to the next level and designed colored contacts that will “wow” even the most particular beauty lover. Let’s explore the new collection and find out how Solotica is once again setting the bar in the contact lens industry.


It’s More Than A Monthly Color Contact Lens

 Initially, it might seem that Solotica has just repackaged some of their more popular colors into a lens that can now be disposed of monthly instead of once per year. However, one look at these lenses will tell a different story, as there’s more to them than meets the eye.


Solotica Hidrocor Monthly  

The Solotica Hidrocor Monthly Collection offers a total of five colors to choose from, all in a configuration that allows you to wear a fresh pair every 30 days. Wearers note that this monthly lens is even more comfortable than the Hidrocor Yearly version, with colors that are natural and bright.


What’s Available?

The Hidrocor Monthly Collection offers your tried and true favorites but in a slightly revamped style. Inspired from the Solotica Hidrocor yearly disposable without the limbal ring, they have created a slightly different pattern on the lens, which results in a more natural look:


 Solotica Hidrocor Monthly


      Hidrocor Monthly Ambar is slightly darker than its yearly counterpart and appears more like a combination of grey and green. It looks bright and vibrant on even the darkest natural eye color.

      Hidrocor Monthly Topazio has been taken up a notch to the most gorgeous blue imaginable. A bright ocean color fades to a green tone around the pupil and is great for making a bold statement.

      Hidrocor Monthly Cristal offers a super fun color combination, reminding wearers of a metallic grey and minty green blend. It’s not too bright or dark and looks natural and vibrant.

      Hidrocor Monthly Quartzo proves to be a Solotica fan favorite, as this intense and light blue-green tone will make heads turn! Wearing it will provide a pop of color for all types of fashion looks.

      Hidrocor Monthly Ocre gives wearers a subtle hazel tone that offers a very natural look yet can completely transform an entire beauty style in one little lens. Don’t be fooled - brown isn’t boring at all!


Get Them Soon For A New Look

 Solotica’s Hidrocor Monthly lenses are available exclusively at and give wearers the ability to change up their style in so many ways! Each of the five new colors can look different depending on your skin tone, hair color, and natural eye color, so playing around with all of their new shades can give you a variety of looks.

 Keep in mind, the Hidrocor Monthly Collection colors can even appear to be varying shades based on the lighting you’re in and whether you’re wearing makeup or not, so each lens color can provide limitless options!

 For fast shipping, personalized customer service, and the highest quality products on the market, be sure to check out the new Solotica Hidrocor Monthly Collection found only at