Planning a big Halloween night out this year? Or been invited to a friend’s party and want to be the best dressed? Dressing up is arguably the funniest part of Halloween and being able to completely transform your whole appearance has never been easier with thanks to colored contact lenses. Using make up and face paints is just the start of how you can transform your look but to really achieve the most striking Halloween look, whichever theme you go for, colored contacts are a must this year!

We’ve paired our favorite lenses with our favorite Halloween outfits!

Best Colored Contacts to Wear This Halloween 2019

Zombie bride and Solotica Hidrocor Ice

If you’re going for a Zombie bride or night of the living dead look this Halloween, then Solotica Hidrocor Ice will lighten your eyes and accentuate a pale complexion. Or, if you’re a Game of Thrones fan then you should definitely consider pairing these lenses up with a White Walker look!

The Devil and Solotica Solflex Color Hype Vermelha

What better way to set off your daring red outfit and striking red lips than with Solflex Color Hype Vermelha contact lenses? These rich lenses will be sure to add a bit of extra fire to you look!

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The Clown and Solflex Color Hype Branca

Clowns are one of the most creative options for dressing up, you can play around endlessly with colors and patterns. We’ve chosen Solotica Solflex Color Hype in the shade Branca for this look as the bright white tone complemented with a limbal ring work amazingly with contrasted bold colors.

Sugar Skull and Bella Elite Wild Honey

Another amazing theme if you want to play around with patterns and really focus on your face this Halloween! With strong attention to black lines creating the basis of the beautiful patterns for this look, opting for Bella Elite Contact Lenses in the shade Wild Honey lenses will give you a beautiful rich honey color which will stand out against the defined lines.

Mermaid dreams and Solotica Aquarella Cyan Blue

Gorgeous blues and greens will come together with this fun daily disposable lens from Solotica Aquarella Collection. Perfect for your one-night alter-ego these lenses can simply be disposed of at the end of the night!

If you’ve got any other creative costume ideas and need help pairing colored contact lenses then get in touch with our customer service team who are here to help 24/7!