Terms and Conditions

Return Policy:

We are happy to refund or exchange any unopened, undamaged and unexpired contact lenses within 30 days of purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns on made to order lenses or special order products.

The return cost for shipping is free within the United Arab Emirates using our preferred courier company. International returns must be sent as a tracked package and the transportation cost must be paid by the customer.

To initiate a return, please contact our customer service team who will be delighted to help you with the process, our customer service team are available 24/7 at contact@lens.me or +971 (0)43 791 791


Terms and Conditions

Sky Optical LLC

Emaar Gold and Diamond Park, Building 3, Office 3009, PO Box 392593, Dubai, United Arab Emirates ('Seller')


Last updated: 28th February 2022

1 The validity of the General Conditions

All our offers, products and services are based exclusively on the following General Terms and Conditions, even when accessed from outside the United Arab Emirates.

Terms and Conditions that deviate from or are contrary to these General Terms and Conditions will not be recognized by the seller and shall not apply.


2 Conclusion of Agreement

2.1 All goods displayed on lens.me (the 'website') including prices quoted are non-binding and subject to change. All prices quoted contain the statutory value-added tax of the United Arab Emirates. Upon customer request, we have integrated each customer countries taxes into the website lens.me. The shown tax covers all taxes charged during the import to the customers country: https://www.lens.me/shipping-details

2.2 Despite our greatest care not to do so, we are permitted and retain the right to make mistakes, such as typing errors, technical or color deviations and/or price modifications. We are entitled to contest the declaration of acceptance as defined in clause 2.4 of this agreement in all such cases. We also assume no liability whatsoever as to the accuracy of the manufacturer’s description.

2.3 Once you (the “CustomeBuyer”) have ordered any of our products, you are legally bound to these terms and conditions and have made an offer to buy the goods ordered.

2.4 This (“Agreement”) becomes officially effective as soon as you have received our confirmation of your order.

2.5 If the agreement has been entered into, but we are unable to deliver the ordered articles within the foreseeable future despite congruent hedging transactions, we reserve the right to withdraw from the agreement. If we should establish that delivery of goods may be delayed for an unforeseeable amount of time, we will advise you of this fact and refund any payments already made by you.


3 Reservation of Ownership

3.1 All goods shall remain lens.me property until all your contractual obligations towards us have been fulfilled.

3.2 If you behave in any manner contrary to the terms of this agreement whatsoever, particularly by delaying payment, or by breach of agreement as stated in clause 3.1, we may without prejudice to our other rights, demand the immediate return of our property.


4 Placing an Order

4.1 If any goods ordered are not available, lens.me may offer you substitute products of equivalent quality and price. If we are unable to offer substitutes or you do not agree to accept such substitutes lens.me shall reimburse your payment within 10 working days of the date lens.me receives your order.

4.2 You can view the status of your order in the Your Account section in lens.me

4.3 You confirm that to your acknowledgement, the contact lenses you order are of the correct power, desired color and brand type.


5 Delivery, Shipping and Passing of Risk

5.1 When you have submitted an order, you will receive an email from us acknowledging that we have received your order and confirming the details of your order, including the full shipping address and your order number. Once the order is ready to be dispatched, you will receive a shipment confirmation email with tracking number.

5.2 We provide Worldwide Shipping to many countries using only courier services, the full list of countries available can be checked using our shipping tool. We only ship using a courier service to ensure that your order arrives safely and within a reasonable timeframe. We reserve the right to update our shipping charges as necessary and this will be reflected in the shipping tool. To review the specific country costs please use our shipping tool, which can be accessed using the following link: https://www.lens.me/shipping-details 

5.3 Depending upon availability, all goods are dispatched within 48 hours of the order being received. Should the requested item be out of stock, we will ensure that it is dispatched and delivered as soon as possible (depending on whether the manufacturer has it in stock). Each delivery is accepted under reserve that we will be supplied in due time and form. Delivery time for custom or special orders may take up to 4-15 weeks. Delivery time for Solotica toric lenses for astigmatism is 10-15 weeks from confirmed order, confirmed order is once your prescription has been checked and validated to ensure that the parameters entered when placing the order were accurate, we will contact you to confirm the details.

5.4 Delivery timelines quoted are estimated and averaged and are not guaranteed. We will share the courier tracking link once your order has been dispatched and the tracking link will update as your package progresses through the courier network.

5.5 In case of goods that cannot be delivered for reasons beyond our control, we will deem the agreement as having been fulfilled, if the items have been provided and the buyer notified. Delays due to cases of force majeure, disruption of transport or operative failures, strikes, shortage of raw materials and such like can lead to a reasonable extension of the delivery time. If delays continue beyond 4 weeks after conclusion of the agreement, then each party is legally entitled to withdraw from this agreement.

5.6 We are entitled to carry out partial deliveries at our own cost for any ordered items that are out of stock, in as far as this is deemed reasonable for the buyer.

5.7 Lens.me shall bear the risk of any damage, theft or loss of items during transport to the delivery address. This risk will be passed to the customer the moment he/she receives the delivery. Upon delivery the customer should inspect the items to check for damage. If there is any damage, the product should not be used and should instead be returned as set out in the Returns Policy. Prior to initiating a return, the customer should contact lens.me for assistance.

5.8 Should the content of the package be opened, damaged or missing, a replacement for the exact same product including prescription power and color as ordered according to the order confirmation will be provided after receiving a valid case report from the courier company advising that the delivery was opened, damaged or item missing/stolen. The customer will need to notify lens.me immediately when such an issue arises and will need to share full details of the issue experienced, including pictures if required. The customer may need to contact the courier company to confirm the issue experienced, where this is needed the case id from the courier must be shared within 10 days of delivery receipt. Should you not receive your order this must be immediately reported to contact@lens.me and must be reported within 21 days of the order being placed. Once reported you may need to raise a case with the courier company for non-delivery and provide us with the case number, if this is necessary lens.me will explain the procedure and requirement. Unfortunately we would not be able to investigate non-delivery issues where they are reported later than 21 days from order placement.


6 Information Concerning the Exercise of the Right of Withdrawal

6.1 You have the right to withdraw from this agreement within 14 days without giving any reason.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must inform us in writing to the below address, or via email as detailed below:

Sky Optical LLC

Emaar Gold and Diamond Park, Building 3, Shop 3009, PO Box 392593 Dubai


Tel: +971 4 3791 791


6.2In case of delivery of contact lenses and care products the consumer loses his right of withdrawal when unsealing the product.

6.3 Once we have received the returned merchandise in sealed condition, we will refund the original purchase, minus any outstanding payments the customer may owe us. The original shipping cost will not be refunded when goods are returned.

6.4 The customer will be responsible to pay for trackable shipment for return shipments. We reserve the right to charge for freight costs for the return shipment in case it is paid for by us.

6.5 In case of loss of a return shipment without tracking information, Sky Optical shall be free of any claim for the unsuccessful transportation of the returned products.


7 Shipping Costs of Cancelled Merchandise

The customer will be liable for the shipping costs of any unsuccessful delivery up to a maximum amount of 60 USD.


8 Warranty

8.1 Should the delivered merchandise be defective or its warrantied qualities flawed, or should it develop defects within the warranty period as a result of poor materials or faulty manufacturing, then we will either repair the item or provide you with a replacement of the same exact item including prescription power as ordered according to the order confirmation will be provided after receiving a valid report from the courier company. We are permitted to make multiple reparations. 

8.2 The warranty period begins with the date of delivery. Any damage must be reported within 10 days from the delivery of the item.

8.3 All warranty claims must be made in writing (email: contact@lens.me, fax or letter) and any defects communicated to us without delay as soon as they become apparent. the communication should clearly show the issue/defect and the product and packaging must be retained as additional information may be requested.

8.4 Upon discovery of any obvious deficiencies, and in order to prevent any further deterioration of the merchandise, you are obliged to inform us immediately. Failure to notify us of defects in good time will have no influence on our existing scope of warranty.

8.5 Defective merchandise must be returned to us for inspection in the same condition as it was received, as being faulty.


9 Limitation of Liability

We are exempt from being held liable for minor negligent breaches of duty as well as bodily injury incurred during the wearing or insertion or removal of provided contact lenses, if they do not result in death, or any breach of the statutory implied terms as to title of goods or claims according to the Product Liability Act. Furthermore, legal liability for breach of duties, which enables us to fulfil this agreement in the first place and in which the customer is entitled to trust, remains unaffected. The same applies to any breaches of duty by our vicarious agents. We accept no liability for incorrect use or improper handling of contact lenses supplied by Sky Optical LLC.


10 Prescription for USA Orders

Lens.me provide contact lenses with powers and plano (non-powered contact lenses). If you are a US resident and wish to order a prescription contact lens with power. As per the FTCLCA (Fairness to Contact Lens Consumer Act), we need to verify your prescription before shipping you lenses. The verification can be done once you have placed your order, by filling in the Prescription Form or by sending an email of your prescription to contact@lens.me. We reserve the right to contact your eye care provider regarding any issues with your prescription.


11 Payment

11.1 We reserve the right to specify which form of payment you may use. This applies in particular, to customers ordering for the first time, or orders where we have been unable to establish the buyer’s credit rating.

11.2 We are entitled to initially offset any payments you make against any outstanding claims you may still have.

11.3 For your part, you are only allowed to set-off costs, if your counterclaim is uncontested or has been established as legally effective or expressly acknowledged in writing by us. You can only exercise your right of retention if your claim has resulted from the same contractual agreement.

11.4 You can choose the following methods of payment in accordance with clause 10.

11.4.1 Credit card: VISA or Mastercard or American Express or Discovery Card

11.4.1 PayPal – You can choose to pay using your PayPal account. Currency conversion fees may apply. For more information please visit www.paypal.com

11.4.2 Payment on delivery / Cash on delivery. Limited to orders within the UAE

11.5 Payments by credit card will be debited from your account at the point of order.


12 Data Protection

All personal data will be handled confidentially in accordance with the relevant data protection laws. Detailed information can be found on our website (lens.me).


13 Specific Information Regarding the Purchase of Contact Lenses

When ordering please pay special attention to the following information, as we only deliver contact lenses under the following conditions:

13.1 The contact lens specification transmitted in your order is valid and corresponds to the most recent fitting carried out by a registered optician or ophthalmic medical practitioner and is no more than one year old. Optimal use of contact lenses is assured if the wearer is familiar with the care and handling of contact lenses and regularly takes part in the necessary ophthalmological examinations, in order to prevent any damage to his or her eyes.

13.2 We explicitly request that contact lens wearers should have their eyes examined at least every six months. If the wearer has changed their brand, he or she should have the fit checked carefully by an ophthalmologist or a contact lens specialist. Regarding risks and side effects, please consult an ophthalmologist or contact lens specialist and make sure you read the information enclosed in the package.

13.3 The respective manufacturer is exclusively responsible for the compatibility of the delivered products. Merchandise is delivered in the manufacturer’s original, unopened factory packaging. We accept no liability for incorrect use or improper handling. The stated shelf-life of contact lenses is based on the average amount of time that they would be worn. In order ensure good health of your eyes, we suggest that the recommended wearing period must not be exceeded. Should you develop any form of ocular irritation, please remove the contact lenses immediately and contact an ophthalmologist or eye specialist.


14 Place of fulfilment

The place of fulfilment is the head office of Sky Optical LLC. The law of the United Arab Emirates applies exclusively to all legal relationships between the seller and the buyer and excludes the UN Sales Law.


15 Place of Jurisdiction, Severability Clause

15.1 If a buyer is a trader as defined by the UAE commercial law, a legal entity under public law or a special fund under public law. Then the seller’s place of business shall be the agreed place of jurisdiction. The same applies if the customer has no general place of jurisdiction or no fixed residence in the UAE, or if his or her usual domicile is unknown at the time of filing an action.

15.2 If any of the provisions of this agreement become invalid or are declared null and void, then this will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions, which shall remain in full force and effect. Invalid or unenforceable provisions will be replaced by valid, enforceable provisions that most closely match the intent of the original provisions.

We hope this has answered all open questions about purchasing any products from lens.me

If you have any comments or concerns about material which appears on our Website, please contact us:


Emaar Gold and Diamond Park,

PO Box 392593, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


+971 43 791 791





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