Men and women who love to wear makeup can sometimes become overwhelmed when they bring contact lenses into the mix. For some reason, the idea of wearing colored lenses or even clear prescription ones tends to change how they view their products and routines. If that sounds silly to you, keep reading, because your entire makeup world should be affected once you start wearing contacts!

The same products just won’t do, and the routines you have in place now may need to go out the window once contact lenses come into play. While you don’t have to modify your whole look, there are some things to consider in order to keep your eyes healthy and feeling great!

The Definitive Makeup Guide For Contact Lens Wearers

Reading The Label

Beauty influencers will be the first ones to tell you that not all makeups are the same. Eyeshadows, concealers, and blushes can all be manufactured from a range of ingredients, and how these products sit on your skin can make a huge difference for contact lens wearers. Wondering what you specifically should change? We’re glad you asked.

While the benefits are great, both waterproof and oil-based products should also be avoided at all costs. Imagine either of these types of items getting into your eyes and on your contact lenses - talk about ruining your day!

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Keep It Clean

Most don’t pay enough attention to how sensitive our eyes are, and when you’re a colored contact lens wearer, you often have to be even more aware. Using old makeup is one of the most common ways to get an eye infection, leaving you out of contacts for weeks while it heals. Experts recommend replacing your mascara every few months, especially if you use it regularly.

Other types of makeup will have different shelf lives and often indicate their recommended schedule of replacement right on their label. Aside from keeping your products fresh, you should never share makeup with others. Again, germs are more prevalent than we may realize, and it would be all too easy to spread an infection from one person to the next.

Finally, always wash your hands before you insert or remove your contact lenses. Even if you don’t wear makeup, this is a key consideration when it comes to contact lens hygiene and care. Now that you know exactly how to use your makeup in a way that keeps your contact lenses safe and your eyes healthy, it’s time to go shopping! Check out the huge assortment of colored contact lenses at and pick a few that strike your fancy. With a focus on customer care and fast shipping that will amaze you, we’re your number one source for quality contacts.