Colored contacts have become a great tool for beauty lovers who want to change up their style from time to time, and as more brands have come onto the market in recent years, the options are virtually limitless. You can have striking blue eyes one day and a more mellow brown color the next, and could even match your lenses to go with your outfit of the day.

As great as this flexibility can be, it’s also important to have realistic expectations when it comes to your new look. A person with very dark brown eyes cannot put on any blue colored contact lens and expect to have a vibrant result, as contacts simply aren’t made to work quite in that way. However, there is a range that can be explored when it comes to selecting lenses in various colors that will change up your style and bring about a new air of confidence.

The Print Pattern Behind Your Colored Contact Lenses

How Can Lenses Have Patterns?

The use of this word may be confusing to some, but if you currently wear colored contact lenses, examine them carefully. You’ll see that the pigment isn’t simply one solid color, but rather a printed pattern that uses at least a few tones. Lens manufacturers use this design to help add depth to their products as it creates a multidimensional look.

Some brands use patterns that are very subtle while others go bold with this feature, so considering just how natural of a look you’re aiming for is important when placing an order. After all, we want you to be completely happy with your purchase!

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Considering Your Options

Depending on the look you’re going for, there are a few particular brands we offer that might be worth checking out. Here’s how you can tell just how much of your natural eye color will show through and influence your final result:

1. The Addict Collection by Anesthesia is a great example of colored contact lenses that don’t offer much in the way of color patterns. Most of their options are fairly uniform, meaning that they do a good job of masking your natural eye color. Select one of these shades if you want a style that really transforms your look.

2. Solotica’s Natural Colors pushes the boundary between solid tones and a bit of a patterned look, and depending on which color you select, you may have more or less of your natural color peeking through. This is important to consider when you’re intending on a completely new style.

3. If you really want a multidimensional lens that utilizes color patterns to create something spectacular, take a peek at the Elite Collection by Bella. These lenses offer a dramatic style on even the darkest eyes, allowing you to experiment with tons of styles

The next time you’re shopping for new colored contacts, head over to and take a close look at the patterned options that are available. Take a chance on something new and see how bold you want to go, or stick with your tried and true colors that you know and love - the choice is yours!