We are excited to announce the introduction of Amara to our stellar line up of the best global contact lens brands! With the glamorous Maya Diab as the face of this brand, the beautiful Amara collection features 20 striking colors ranging from warm hazels to complex multi-toned greys. Available in powers from 0 to -6, Amara lenses are monthly disposable lenses suitable for daily wear.

Amara's Bestselling Colored Contact Lenses

Amara Mocca

Warm brown complemented with subtle light tones, Amara Mocca will provide a glamorous and timeless look.

Amara Dark Sepia

A beautiful union of browns and grays, Amara Dark Sepia will complement both daytime and nighttime glamour.

Amara Hazel Wood

Dark and light browns are combined seamlessly in Amara Hazel Wood. Featuring a strong limbal ring, this lens will enlarge your eye’s beauty and provide endless sparkle all day.

Amara Warm Gray

A truly unique lens, Amara brings to you Warm Gray as a combination of mid-gray tones with subtle hazel brown and violet flecks. This lens is guaranteed to dazzle and delight!

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Amara Burned Cinnamon

Capturing the most longed-for brown shade, Amara bring to you Burned Cinnamon – the color contact lens of your dreams! Mesmerize with beautiful deep brown eyes and effortless shine.

Amara Brown Gold

For light brown eyes with an extremely natural finish look no further than Amara Brown Gold. Without a limbal ring and with striking coloring and coverage

Still not sure? Explore the rest of the collection or talk to one of our customer care team to help discover the perfect Amara lens for you.