Without getting too terribly political, it’s clear that our planet is going through some changes. Many talk about global warming and a climate crisis and we’ve been seeing landfills continue to overflow for years. More and more animals are becoming endangered, and unless we collectively do something to change our ways, Earth may experience some sad results.

There are ways that we can work to make small modifications to our daily routine, and whether we bike to work instead of driving or we invest in a reusable water bottle, every little thing we do can make a difference. If you’re a fashion lover and end up wearing colored contact lenses on a regular basis, there are specific things you can do to help the planet without making much of an impact to your personal routine.

Incorporating Contacts Into A Sustainable Lifestyle

Evaluating Your Choices

If you take a look at the choices at lens.me, you’ll see that colored contact lenses are available in a variety of options. Not only are there tons of colors to enjoy, but some are daily options while others are good for 30 days. Still, some brands make lenses that should be replaced every six months and several selections are promoted as yearly lenses. Regular colored contact lens wearers may already have a favorite brand, but what if you were open to change?

From a standpoint of packaging alone, opting for a yearly lens is the best way to go if you’re looking to have a more sustainable lifestyle. Daily colored lenses obviously produce the most amount of waste, and even monthly options contribute far more to the landfill than you probably imagine. As long as you can find a color that you love, selecting a six month or yearly lens is the best way to go.

How Else Can You Help?

Beyond modifying your contact lens choices, there are other ways you can help to embrace a zero-waste lifestyle and still enjoy the benefits of changing up your eye color. Many eye doctor offices partner with recycling programs to process contact lens packaging in an appropriate way. You can bring your empty boxes, foil wrappers, glass vials, and bubble packs into your nearest professional’s office and they will make sure things are disposed of correctly.

The concept of upcycling is also quite popular right now as trying to reuse items in a new way instead of throwing them away is ideal for sustainability. Consider using your contact lens vials to store small items like beads or fill them with spices for a cute addition to your kitchen. We know, they’re pretty small, but perhaps even filling them with colored sand and lining them up on a window sill can be a cute way to decorate your home.

It would be hard for everyone on the planet to majorly modify their lives to adopt the idea of zero-waste, but every small change you can make just gets us one step closer to saving the planet. Take a look at the yearly lens options from lens.me and see if you can’t move toward an attitude of sustainability with your contacts.