Have you ever wondered why we actually have eyelashes?

Lashes are not only considered as attractive when being thick and long "alluring".

Eye lashes serve an important purpose when it comes to protecting and comforting the eye. Especially in countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar but also in the sandier areas in the United States, eye lashes protect us from the sun, from airflow and alert us in danger.


picture: fostermeds.com

Protect our tearfilm in the eye

Lashes reduce the airflow around the eye, therefore avoiding the eye to become dry.

Keep anything else out

Eyelashes help to keep out rain, sweat, dust and other particles so the eyes are not irritated.

Filter sunlight

Especially in the GCC countries in the Middle East, too much sunlight can be harmful.

Protect from injury

If any object touches our eye lashes, it leads to an immediate closing reflex to protect our eyes from injury.