Especially when living in the Middle East, travelling is part of the culture and part of everybodys life.

1. keep your contact lenses away from water

Please consider that water almost in all cases contains bacteria which can settle on the surface of the contact lenses and can give you eye infections up to severe health problems.

2. Keep a spare pair of lenses with you

Imagine you are somewhere abroad and you lose your lens. At home this might be not such a big problem but when travelling you might be days away from seeing properly. This is especially valid if you have an astigmatism and require toric contact lenses.

3. Bring your glasses

Especially when taking a night flight, you have to take off your contact lenses and will wonder half blind down the corridor of the plane - if you don't have your glasses!

4. If possible: wear daily disposable contact lenses

Once you have tried daily disposable contact lenses during travels, you won't want to go back. They offer an enormous advantage in convenience and hygiene. Try it on your next trip.