Anesthesia USA Vegas Pearl

Anesthesia USA 2016 collection is now available on

We are glad to introduce stunning new colours here on

The colours will go with plenty of styles for men and women.

For women, combined with various styles of makeups from your favorite beauty bloggers, they will create stunning new looks.

New colours of Anesthesia USA contact lenses:

Vegas Pearl
Miami Sapphire
Chicago Apricot
NewYork Oliva
L.A Vanilla
Vegas Gray
L.A Cinnamon
Chicago Blonde
Chicago Green
L.A Mocha
New York Verde
Miami Blue


How long can Anesthesia lenses be worn? 3 or 6 months?

Anesthesia USA lenses can be used daily for up to 6 months. Always maintain perfect hygiene and good care when handling your lenses.

Are Anesthesia lenses FDA approved?

Yes, Anesthesia lenses are fully FDA and CE approved in USA and in Europe.

What if I can't find my prescription (rx) power?

In case you cannot find your powers, please let us know! We will glady inform you once they are available in your colour!