Solflex Natural Colors Monthly - Mel - 2 lenses

  • Color: Mel
  • Monthly Colour Contact Lenses
  • Base Curve: 8.7, Diameter: 14.2mm
  • Water Content: 38%, Material: Polymacon 62%
  • Discrete Limbal Ring to enhance the eye contrast
  • For wear during the daytime for up to one month
  • 1 Box contains 2 contact lenses = 1 lens for each eye
Price per pack $35.00
Prescription: Right Eye

Solotica Solflex Natural Colors Mel

Green eyes look great on everyone, and Solflex Natural Colors Mel is the perfect lens for you! The lens is complemented by a dark and thick limbal ring for contrast and offers a unique pattern that enhances the bold green tones. These lenses are perfect for those who want to push the boundaries of fashion and beauty and work as the perfect partner for special occasions or nights out on the town.

Why to wear Solotica Solflex Natural Colors Mel?

When you want a look that's bold and beautiful, this monthly lens has just what you need. Mel is a lovely pistachio green shade that offers a thick limbal ring and unique lens pattern to create a bold and dark look. Make a statement with green eyes that pop!


The result/outcome when wearing color contact lenses will vary on your original eye color, shape of your face, complexion, make-up, lighting and other factors.

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