According to optometrists there are 3 different types of tears!

Especially with the dusty environment in the Middle Eastern coutnries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain, tearing eyes are an everyday issue. Even though the basic components of the tear remains consistent, there are chemical changes in tears depending on why they develop. Some of the different types of tears the brain tells the eyes to produce are:

  1. Basal tears that coat your eyes permanently to keep them moisturized.
  2. Irritant tears that form in response to pain and to flush foreign objects out of the eye. Their composition is similar to basal tears, but they contain more healing properties.
  3. Emotional tears that appear in response to feelings of sadness, stress, joy and extreme emotion. These tears carry more protein-based hormones than basal or irritant tears and help to cleanse your body of the chemical side effects of pent-up emotion.