Solotica availability is limited for some prescription rx powers and colours

Due to the many different colors, prescription powers / rx and differnt collections, the variety of Solotica contact lenses is extremely high. There are several thousand individual product combinations which we try to keep in our stocks according to their demand.

While we hold stock available in all Solotica colors, we also depend on the regular supply from the Solotica production in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

During the past 2 weeks we have experienced an export customs delay in Sao Paolo, Brazil which is out of our control and will probably only be solved by Tuesday, 30th of May. We will then receive new stocks in Solotica lenses on 2nd of June when the lenses will be available again on our website.

In case you cannot find your prescription power rx / colour combination on our website, we would like to invite you to subscribe to our notification tool to be notified when your particular product is back in stock.

We would like to apologize to all our loyal customers for this delay and thank you for your patience.

Your team