Driving at night can often be exhausting for your eyes. Consider the following 4 tipps from Optometrists

Your eyes like to see clear. Therefore, clean your windshield as well in the corners where the wipers don't reach.

If your car is not equipped with a auto-dimming mirror, make sure to flick the rearview mirror to a glare free setting. Even with some modern cars on the road in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah and Riyadh, it is still important to consider this when driving a sports car or an older vehicle.

clean your headlights while you clean your windows. They give the light so a little dirt on them will keep you from using your lights to their full potential.

Don't look directly into the headlings of oncoming cars. Better focus on your right lower corner. In case you look into a bright light, your pupils will try to close to prevent glare. Once, the light is gone, they will remain closed and will not enable you to focus on the road again.