Everybody in the Middle East wants to look fresh and awake.

A new kind of contact lens should give you that look and make your eyes "pop" without changing your natural eye colour.

The border between the Iris and the white area of the eye (sclera) is called the limbal ring as its shape resembles a ring around the Iris.

Studies have shown that images of faces with more defined limbal rings are rated more attractive and healthy.

Following this growing trend of a natural look and only enhancing natural beauty, Acuvue has introduce the Acuvue Define for this purpose which is a colour contact lens that is not supposed to give you an artifical new eye colour but to only enhance the eyes, you already have.

picture: Elle Magazine

Especially brown and dark brown eyes can look a lot more exciting without actually changing the eye colour.

For more information please feel free to review some articles on the Dailymail UK and Elle magazine.