Anesthesia colour contact lenses are the newest addition to the market of colour contact lenses

Anesthesia lenses can be worn for up to 3 months which makes them a smart choice for women to have various colours available to combine with outfits and styles.

At the same time, they are attractively priced to pruchase more than one look at the time.

anesthesia lenses - dream blue

Photo shows Anesthesia Dream Blue

Anesthesia lenses come in 12 exciting and interesting new colours:

  • Dream Gray 
  • Dream Green 
  • Dream Blue
  • Dream Hazel 
  • Anesthetic Blue 
  • Anesthetic Diamond
  • Anesthetic Gray
  • Anesthetic Carbon
  • Anesthetic Bronze
  • Anesthetic Shadow
  • Anesthetic Aqua
  • Anesthetic Gold