Biofinity XR - 3 lenses

  • Water content: 48%
  • Lens diameter: 14mm
  • Base curve: 8.6mm
  • Powers available: -12.50 to -20.00D in grades of 0.50D
  • Usage instructions: Monthly lenses
  • Contents: 3 monthly disposable contact lenses
Price per pack $81.40
Prescription: Right Eye
Dealing with an incredibly strong vision correction can be a challenge, and you may have felt like contact lenses just weren’t an option for you. However, with medical contact lenses from Biofinity XR, you’ll be able to have clear vision like never before. Designed for extended range prescriptions, these contacts offer comfort for up to 30 days.
What makes Biofinity XR so incredible? Part of their benefits include their Aquaform Technology, an enhanced moisture retention system that keeps your lenses wet and comfortable all day long. In fact, your eyes will be so moist and able to breathe that you can even wear them for 7 full days in a row! Say goodbye to heavy glasses that offer marginal vision and take Biofinity XR contacts for a test drive today.
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