Bella Diamond - Breeze - 2 lenses

  • three-month disposable lens
  • Base Curve: 8.6, Diameter: 14.5mm
  • Water Content: 38%, Material: Polymacon
  • DK (oxygen permeability): 8.4
  • UV block: 40% UV lights
  • For wear during the daytime for up to three months
Price per pack $46.30
Prescription: Right Eye

Bella Diamond Breeze

Embrace a touch of the extraordinary with the new Bella Diamond Breeze color contact lenses. Crafted to accentuate the beauty of your natural eyes, these lenses boast a mesmerizing green hue with a delicate starburst pattern and a subtle limbal ring that adds depth and dimension. The harmonious blend of colors is designed to seamlessly overlay your natural eye color, resulting in a striking yet refined look. Constructed with comfort in mind, these lenses are incredibly lightweight and are made from high-quality materials that ensure oxygen permeability. Bella Diamond Breeze lenses are a convenient choice for enhancing your everyday look, as they are designed to be used for up to three months, offering both style and practicality if you are seeking that hint of glamour.

Are Bella Diamond Breeze colored contacts suitable for brown eyes?

Yes, Bella Diamond Breeze colored contacts are exquisitely suitable for brown eyes, transforming even the darkest shades with a natural and sophisticated allure. The artfully designed pigments and patterns within the lens work harmoniously to provide a realistic appearance that complements brown eyes, adding a radiant, yet believable, spectrum of green that catches the light beautifully. Whether you have light brown or deep, rich brown eyes, the Bella Diamond Breeze lenses blend and accentuate, ensuring that your eyes become a statement feature with unparalleled natural beauty.


The result/outcome when wearing color contact lenses will vary on your original eye color, shape of your face, complexion, make-up, lighting and other factors.

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