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Avaira Vitality - 6 lenses
Avaira Vitality - 6 lenses Avaira Vitality - 6 lenses

Avaira Vitality - 6 lenses

  • Base Curve: 8.5(-)/8.4(+)

  • water content 46%

  • Diameter: 14.2 mm

  • Material: Polyethylene Glycol

  • suitable for dry eyes

  • Content: 6 monthly disposable contact lenses

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Price per pack: USD46.00
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If there was such a thing as luxury contact lenses, Avaira would be the ones to turn to. Manufacturers have incorporated an ultra-breathable material called silicone hydrogel into their design, offering superior oxygenation that actually works to improve the health of your eyes. Along with the highest levels of UV protection possible, Avaira medical contact lenses are hard to beat.
Sometimes wearing contact lenses means making a sacrifice for the convenience factor, and whether it’s visual clarity or comfort that goes by the wayside, the experience can be less than ideal. However, Avaira doesn’t make you choose your priorities, as a rounded edge design minimizes your ability to feel your contacts and advanced technology provides crisp vision all day long. The best of all worlds comes together easily with Avaira.