Yearly Colored Contacts

Yes, there are yearly colored contact lenses available from Solotica. You can wear your favorite color every day for up to one year when cleaned and stored correctly.

Yes, Solotica yearly colored contact lenses are US FDA approved. The following registrations have been offered to the Solotica yearly collections: Solotica Hidrocor (U.S. FDA approved Registration No.3005994941) Solotica Hidrocor Rio (U.S. FDA approved Registration No.3005994941) Solotica Natural Colors (U.S. FDA approved Registration No.3005994941)

Yearly colored contact lenses are better as they offer the ability to wear your favorite color eyes every day for one year. For regular contact lens wearers, they’re an extremely popular option as you can purchase yearly colored contacts with a prescription making them very cost-effective for everyday wear. The colors offer in the Solotica yearly collection are also some of the most famous with celebrities and influencers are regularly seen sporting the yearly collections.

Yes, Solotica’s yearly colored contact lenses offer prescriptions from -0.25 up to +5.00 so you can enjoy crystal clear vision with the eye color of your dreams.

Yes, all Solotica yearly colored contact lenses are available in plano (0.00) as well as with a prescription. You can select 0 when choosing your color contact lenses before adding them to your cart.

Yes! Solotica offers colored contacts for astigmatism in their three yearly collections Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio and Natural Colors. You can choose one of the incredible natural color choices and then custom-make your lenses to suit your specific prescription requirements. These lenses can take longer to be delivered as they are made unique for every order.

Solotica yearly colored contacts are best for dark eyes. Their incredible color opacity on all lenses, light and dark, can fully transform dark eyes into the desired shade.

The most natural yearly colored contact lenses on brown eyes are Solotica. You can change your brown eyes into natural tones of green, gray, blue and hazel.

Yearly colored contacts are safe to wear as long as you buy from a reputable brand and ensure contact lenses are suitable for your eyes. Solotica yearly colored contacts are FDA approved making them the safest option on the market.

The most comfortable yearly colored contacts are from Solotica. Their contact lens technology focuses on optimum comfort alongside color opacity.