Prescription Colored Contacts

Prescription Colored Contacts

Prescription color contact lenses offer a unique combination of vision correction and aesthetic enhancement, allowing you to change your eye color while maintaining clear sight. Choose from over 250 prescription color contact lens options available in different styles and replacement cycles.

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  1. انستازيا أديكت لوليت - عدستان
    انستازيا أديكت لوليت - عدستان
    سعر الصندوق ٤٩٫٠٠ $
  2. انستازيا أديكت بلو - عدستان
    انستازيا أديكت بلو - عدستان
    سعر الصندوق ٤٩٫٠٠ $
  3. Natural Colors Agata | New Solotica Brown Colored Contacts | Yearly Usage
    ناتشورال كلولورز أجاتا - عدسة واحدة
    عدسة واحدة ٤١٫٥٠ $
  4. انستازيا انستازيك فونيستا - عدستان
    انستازيا انستازيك فونيستا - عدستان
    سعر الصندوق ٤٩٫٠٠ $
  5. Solotica Aquarella Castanha Brown
    أكواريلا كاستانا براون - عدستان
    سعر الصندوق ٥٠٫٠٠ $
  6. انستازيا اديكت ازور - عدستان
    انستازيا اديكت ازور - عدستان
    سعر الصندوق ٤٩٫٠٠ $
  7. Hidrocor Jade colored contact lenses
    هايدروكور جييد – عدسة واحدة
    عدسة واحدة ٤١٫٥٠ $
  8. ديفا أماندي - عدستان
    ديفا أماندي - عدستان
    سعر الصندوق ٣٩٫٠٠ $
  9. هيدروكور ريو إيبانيما
    هيدروكور ريو إيبانيما - عدسة واحدة
    عدسة واحدة ٤١٫٥٠ $
  10. انستازيا الأمريكية لوس أنجلوس موكا
    انستازيا L.A USA موكا
    سعر الصندوق ٦٠٫٠٠ $
  11. هيدروكور ميل
    هيدروكور ميل - عدسة واحدة
    عدسة واحدة ٤١٫٥٠ $
  12. Anesthesia Addict Celeste 6-monthly lenses
    أنستازيا أديكت سيليست - عدستان
    سعر الصندوق ٤٩٫٠٠ $
  13. ناتشورال كولورز أوكر
    ناتشورال كولورز أوكر - عدسة واحدة
    عدسة واحدة ٤١٫٥٠ $
  14. انستازيا انستازيك جراي - عدستان
    انستازيا انستازيك جراي - عدستان
    سعر الصندوق ٤٩٫٠٠ $
  15. Solotica Aquarella Noronha Blue
    أكواريلا نورونها بلو - عدستان
    سعر الصندوق ٥٠٫٠٠ $
  16. انستازيا الأمريكية فيغاس بيرل
    انستازيا USA فيغاس بيرل
    سعر الصندوق ٦٠٫٠٠ $

Prescription color contact lenses are specialized eyewear designed to correct refractive errors while also allowing the wearer to alter the appearance of their eye color. These lenses serve a dual purpose: they provide the necessary optical correction for conditions such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism, and presbyopia, akin to traditional contact lenses. However, what sets them apart is the addition of pigments that can change the hue of the wearer's eyes. This transformation can range from subtle enhancements of the wearer's natural color to a complete change to an entirely different color, offering a unique opportunity for personal expression. The technology behind these lenses ensures that the color change looks natural, while also maintaining the comfort and breathability essential for eye health.

What are prescription colored contacts?

The manufacturing of prescription color contact lenses involves a careful process that embeds color into the lens, ensuring that vision is not obstructed and that the color stays vibrant over time. These lenses come in a variety of options, including daily disposables, monthly, and longer-wear types, catering to different preferences and lifestyle needs. Importantly, obtaining prescription color contact lenses requires a consultation with an eye care professional. This step ensures that the lenses not only fit comfortably and safely but also provide the correct degree of vision correction. The wide array of available colors and the requirement for a prescription mean that wearers can enjoy both the aesthetic and functional benefits of these lenses, making them a popular choice for those looking to enhance their appearance without compromising on eye health and visual clarity.

At, we're dedicated to providing a wide selection of FDA-approved prescription colored contact lenses that cater to both your aesthetic desires and vision correction needs. Our commitment to your eye health and style is reflected in our carefully curated collection, designed to ensure everyone finds their perfect match. We recognize the importance of convenience and reliability in obtaining your lenses, which is why we offer fast shipping across the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and beyond. Our goal is to make the process of ordering your prescription color contact lenses as straightforward and enjoyable as possible.

We understand that questions might arise when choosing the right contact lenses online, and we're here to help. Our customer service team is available around the clock through our chat service or at to provide the assistance you need. With secure payment options, including flexible buy now, pay later plans, we strive to make your shopping experience seamless and stress-free. At, we're not just about selling prescription colored contacts, we're about ensuring a smooth journey from the moment you visit our site to the day you receive your contact lenses, guaranteeing satisfaction with every purchase.

Yes, you can get colored contacts if you are nearsighted or have myopia. Myopia, commonly known as nearsightedness, is a condition where distant objects appear blurry while close objects can be seen clearly. This condition occurs when the eye is too long relative to the focusing power of the cornea and lens, or when the lens is too strong for the eye's length, causing light rays to focus in front of the retina instead of directly on it. On the other hand, hyperopia or farsightedness is the opposite condition, where distant objects are seen more clearly than close ones. Prescription values for myopia are indicated with a minus sign (-), denoting the diopter strength needed to correct the vision by focusing light directly on the retina, thereby clarifying distant objects.

What Is Myopia or Nearsightedness?

Understanding these conditions is crucial when selecting prescription color contact lenses, which are available for those with myopia. Our range of prescription color contact lenses caters to varying degrees of nearsightedness, offering solutions from a mild prescription of -0.50 diopters up to -6.00 diopters, with increments of -0.25 diopters for precise vision correction. For individuals with more significant myopia, our lenses are available in strengths above -6.00 and up to -9.50 diopters, with -0.50 diopter increments to ensure an optimal fit for your vision correction needs. This extensive selection allows you to choose lenses that not only enhance your eye color but also provide the necessary correction for clear, sharp vision, ensuring that your aesthetic desires and visual health are both adequately addressed.fof

Yes, you can get colored contacts if you are farsighted or have hyperopia. Hyperopia, widely recognized as farsightedness, is an eye condition where individuals see distant objects more clearly than those close up. This occurs when the eye is too short relative to the cornea and lens's focusing power, or the lens is too weak, causing light rays to focus behind the retina. To correct this, lenses with a positive prescription value, denoted by a plus sign (+), are used to adjust the focus so that light correctly lands on the retina, enhancing near vision. Hyperopia contrasts with myopia (nearsightedness), where distant vision is blurred while close objects are clear, requiring a negative prescription to correct.

What Is Hyperopia or Farsightedness?

For those with hyperopia seeking to combine vision correction with aesthetic enhancement, our prescription color contact lenses offer a solution tailored to a range of needs. Available prescriptions for hyperopia start from +0.50 diopters, accommodating mild farsightedness, and extend up to +3.00 diopters, with fine adjustments possible at every +0.25 diopter step for precise vision enhancement. For individuals with more pronounced hyperopia, our lenses are available in prescriptions from +3.00 to +5.00 diopters, with +0.50 diopter increments. This broad spectrum ensures that you can find the perfect prescription color contact lenses to not only correct your vision but also to complement your style, providing both functional benefits and a touch of personal flair to your appearance.

Yes, you can wear color contact lenses with astigmatism. Astigmatism is characterized by an irregular curvature of the cornea or lens in the eye, leading to blurred or distorted vision due to light focusing on multiple points within the eye, rather than a single point on the retina. This condition requires corrective lenses that are specifically designed to address these irregularities. Toric lenses are such corrective options, uniquely crafted to offer different powers across various meridians of the lens to compensate for the uneven focusing power of the eye. These lenses are engineered to correct both the spherical power (to address nearsightedness or farsightedness) and the cylindrical power (to correct the astigmatism), along with an axis that specifies the orientation of the astigmatism, ensuring a comprehensive correction that allows for clear vision.

What is Astigmatism or Toric Lenses?

For those with astigmatism wishing to combine the functional correction of their vision with the aesthetic enhancement of colored contact lenses, there are brands like Freshlook Toric and Solotica that cater to this need. At, we specialize in providing custom-made toric colored contacts from Solotica, renowned for their natural appearance and wide range of color options. These custom lenses are tailored to your specific needs, incorporating your unique spherical power, cylinder, and axis values to ensure optimal vision correction along with the desired cosmetic effect. Given the personalized nature of these lenses, production is more intricate, requiring approximately 10-12 weeks from order to delivery. This process ensures that your colored contacts for astigmatism are precisely made to offer both the perfect fit and the visual correction you need, allowing you to enjoy the beauty and functionality of your lenses with confidence.

No, you cannot directly use your eyeglasses prescription to order prescription colored contacts due to fundamental differences between the two types of prescriptions. An eyeglasses prescription is designed for lenses that sit approximately 12-14 millimeters from your eyes, which affects how the lenses are crafted to correct your vision. In contrast, contact lenses sit directly on the surface of your eyes, requiring a different kind of prescription that takes into account the eye's curvature, the lens's diameter and base curve, and potentially different power measurements. Additionally, contact lens prescriptions often include specific brands and types of contacts, as materials and wear schedules can affect the fit and health of your eyes. Therefore, it's essential to have a separate eye exam specifically for contact lenses to ensure accurate vision correction and a safe, comfortable fit. This process ensures that your prescription colored contacts not only enhance your eye color but also correct your vision effectively and safely.

For those in search of prescription colored contact lenses, the market offers a wealth of brands catering to a variety of preferences, whether you're aiming for a subtle enhancement or a dramatic transformation. Among the top contenders for natural-looking results are Solotica, Bella, and Anesthesia. These brands are celebrated for their ability to mimic the intricate patterns and hues of the human iris, offering lenses that blend seamlessly with your natural eye color. Solotica, for instance, is renowned for its wide range of colors and the natural appearance of its lenses, making them a favorite for those seeking a subtle change. Bella and Anesthesia similarly provide a spectrum of shades designed to enhance or completely change your natural eye color with a realistic finish. The technology behind these lenses ensures they offer comfort and breathability, in addition to their aesthetic appeal.

For those inclined towards more vivid color transformations or designs that stand out, brands like Freshlook and Air Optix Colors offer lenses with opaque designs that provide a significant color change while still maintaining a look that could pass for natural under most circumstances. These lenses are designed to cover darker eye colors effectively, offering a palette of vibrant, yet realistic shades. On the other end of the spectrum, for individuals looking for unique, bold, or dramatic eye color changes, brands such as Diva and Amara step into the spotlight. These brands specialize in crafting lenses with rare iris print patterns that are designed to make a statement, offering everything from strikingly bold colors to unique patterns not found in natural eye colors. Whether your aim is to subtly enhance your natural beauty or to make a bold fashion statement, the variety of brands available ensures that there's something for everyone, allowing for personal expression through the unique canvas of your eyes.

Finding the perfect prescription color contact lenses for dark brown eyes depends on various factors, including lens design, color or opacity preference, replacement cycle, the presence or absence of a limbal ring, and the desired texture or iris pattern. Nevertheless, offers an array of top-selling options that cater specifically to those with dark brown eyes, ensuring that everyone can find lenses that meet their aesthetic desires and vision correction needs.

 Prescription Colored Lenses For Dark Brown Eyes

1. Anesthesia Addict Blue: For those in pursuit of blue color, Anesthesia Addict Blue is a standout choice. These 6-month disposable contact lenses are celebrated for their ability to cover even the darkest shades of brown eyes fully, featuring a two-tone blue combined with yellow tones for a natural-looking blue eye effect. They offer exceptional comfort, making them a great option even for those with higher prescriptions.

2. Solotica Aquarella Tupis Brown: If you're aiming to enhance your dark brown eyes with a touch of subtle warmth, Solotica Aquarella Tupis Brown is an excellent choice. As a bestseller in the Solotica Aquarella Quarterly range, these 3-month disposable lenses are noted for their comfort, ensuring a barely-there feel.

3. Bella Elite Wild Honey: For a honey-hazel tone, Bella Elite Wild Honey lenses should be at the top of your list. These 3-month disposable lenses are known for their soft, natural appearance and exceptional comfort, making them an ideal selection for daily wear.

4. Solotica Hidrocor Jade: Those on the hunt for green lenses will find Solotica Hidrocor Jade to be a perfect match. As a favorite among color lens wearers, these lenses are designed to last up to a year, offering an economical choice for those looking to maximize their investment.

5. Anesthesia Addict Lolite: For a unique blend of gray and hazel, Anesthesia Addict Lolite lenses offer a very natural look on dark brown eyes. These lenses are perfect for enhancing your natural beauty, providing a seamless transition on dark brown eyes with or without makeup.

Additionally, other must-try products include Freshlook Colorblends Green, Air Optix Colors Pure Hazel, Amara Steel Gray, Anesthesia Anesthetic Fonesta, Solotica Hidrocor Rio Ipanema, and Solotica Hidrocor Mel. With over 250 shades available at, you're sure to find the perfect fit that aligns with your style and preferences, ensuring that your transition to colored contacts is both enjoyable and suited to your unique aesthetic.

On a daily basis, it is generally recommended to wear your prescription color contact lenses for up to 6-8 hours to ensure optimal eye health and comfort. Exceeding this duration can lead to eye fatigue and discomfort. Should you experience any discomfort, eye redness, or other concerning symptoms while wearing your lenses, it is imperative to remove them immediately and consult with an eye care professional if the symptoms persist, as this could indicate a need for medical advice or a potential adjustment in your lens usage.

At, the cost of prescription color contact lenses spans a broad range, from as low as US$10.90 up to US$93 for standard prescriptions, reflecting a variety of brands, styles, and replacement cycles to accommodate every need and budget. The pricing structure is designed to ensure that customers can find lenses that not only meet their visual correction requirements but also align with their aesthetic preferences without breaking the bank. For daily wear lenses, prices start at US$10.00, offering an affordable option for those seeking the convenience of single-use lenses, and go up to US$89, catering to a range of designs and brand offerings. Monthly lenses, known for their balance between cost and convenience, range from US$18 to US$49, providing a cost-effective solution for regular wearers.

For those preferring longer wear cycles, 3-month prescription color contact lenses are available starting from US$35 to US$50, offering durability and extended wear in a range of colors and patterns. Six-month lenses provide an even longer-term option, priced between US$49 to US$65, ideal for those seeking semi-annual replacements. The yearly lenses, offering the longest wear cycle, are priced from US$83 to US$93, with toric lenses for astigmatism reaching up to US$238, reflecting their specialized design and custom fit. This tiered pricing ensures that whether you're looking for something for daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual wear, you can find a suitable, high-quality option within your budget. The variation in prices by brand, lens style, and replacement cycle allows to cater to a wide audience, ensuring everyone can enhance their look with prescription color contact lenses that fit their lifestyle and visual needs.

The lifespan of prescription colored contacts varies significantly based on their designated replacement cycle, emphasizing the importance of adherence to the specific type you choose. For individuals opting for daily disposable lenses, each pair is intended for a single day's use, necessitating the disposal of the lenses at day's end and the use of a fresh pair for each new day. This ensures maximum hygiene and minimizes the risk of eye irritation or infection. On the other hand, reusable prescription colored contacts, including monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and yearly disposables, require meticulous care to maintain their performance and safety. It is essential to follow proper lens care procedures, such as thoroughly washing hands before handling the lenses, utilizing fresh contact lens solution for cleaning and storing, and ensuring that the lenses are kept in a clean case. The overall condition and safety of your lenses are contingent upon how well they are looked after - lenses that exhibit tears, shape irregularities, or have been allowed to dry out should be discarded immediately to avoid potential harm to the eyes. Additionally, should you experience any form of discomfort, such as a burning sensation or eye redness while wearing your lenses, it is critical to remove them promptly and consult with an eye care professional if the discomfort persists. This careful attention to maintenance and response to any signs of trouble is key to ensuring the health of your eyes and the longevity of your lenses.

Yes, circle contact lenses with prescription are readily available for those seeking both vision correction and the aesthetic benefit of enlarged-looking eyes. Circle lenses are a specific type of colored contact lenses designed to create the illusion of a larger iris, offering a distinct, doll-like appearance that enhances the eye's natural beauty. These lenses typically feature a larger diameter, starting from 14.5mm, and have an expanded print area to accentuate the enlarging effect on the iris. This characteristic sets them apart from standard colored lenses, providing a unique visual appeal.

 Prescription Circle Contact Lenses With Prescription

For individuals interested in exploring the world of prescription circle lenses, there are numerous brands offering a variety of options. Among the most popular are FreshKon, with collections like FreshKon Colors Fusion, FreshKon Mosaic, FreshKon Alluring Eyes, and FreshKon Moondust, each designed to cater to different preferences for color and enlargement effect. Additionally, Bella, renowned for its natural-looking color contact lenses, also presents options in the realm of circle lenses with their Bella Snow White and Bella Diamond collections, which are available with prescription. These brands are celebrated for their quality and the dramatic yet natural-looking eye enhancement they provide. Available on, these popular prescription circle lenses can be conveniently ordered for fast delivery, ensuring that you can enjoy the dual benefits of corrective vision and enlarged, captivating eyes with ease.

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