Blue Colored Contacts

We stock multiple brands at that offer the most natural blue contact lenses. Our favorite brands for blue colored contact lenses include Anesthesia, Bella and Solotica.

Our most popular dark blue colored contact lenses include Anesthesia Anesthetic Carbon, Solotica Aquarella Noronha Blue and Bella Glow Navy Gray. We offer an amazing collection of dark blue colored contacts with varying replacement cycles and styles.

Our most popular light blue colored contacts include Anesthesia Addict Blue, Solotica Hidrocor Safira and Bella Diamon Moon Stone. Whether you’re looking for beautiful bright blue eyes or a subtle lightening to your existing eye color, we have a great selection at for all tastes.

We are proud to offer some of the world’s most natural blue colored contact lenses that can cover dark brown eyes. Solotica is one of the most popular brands worldwide for blue colored contact lenses as they have unrivalled color opacity that can seamlessly cover dark brown eyes into beautiful shades of blue. The best blue lenses for covering dark brown eyes include Hidrocor Grafite and Aquarella Noronha Blue.

Yes, you can get blue colored contacts with or without prescription. Most of our brands offer blue lenses with prescriptions including Solotica, Anesthesia, Bella, Amara, Freshlook and FreshKon.

You can get blue contact lenses for astigmatism from Solotica. Their yearly collections Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio and Natural Colors offer the opportunity to specify your specific astigmatism needs and they will custom make your lenses.

Blue colored contacts vary in cost based on brand and replacement cycle. Daily blue colored contacts will be cheaper than yearly colored contact lenses, for example, however, if you wear your blue yearly lenses every day for one year, then it is a cheaper solution. is a multi-brand contact lens store offering the best blue contact lenses on the market so you can be sure to find a favorite pick among our line-up of the world’s best brands.

Solotica has US FDA approved blue colored contacts available among their collections. You can shop a range of blue lenses across their collections.

Yes, you can get blue circle contact lenses online from Browse blue lenses from FreshKon and Freshlook to first the perfect blue circle contact lens for you.