Whiteout - 2 lenses

  • Extreme Collection by Offensive Lenses
  • FDA-Approved Whiteout Halloween Contact Lenses
  • Ghost Papa Emeritus Contact Lenses
  • Monthly disposable lenses
  • 2 Halloween lenses per pack
  • Base Curve 8.9mm, Diameter 14.5mm
  • Water content - 38%, Polymacon

Halloween Contact Lenses – Whiteout

Extreme Whiteout contact lenses are a popular choice for Halloween that can create a haunting and otherworldly look for your eyes. The design of these lenses features a solid white color that covers the iris, leaving only the black pupil hole visible. These lenses are perfect for Halloween costumes that require a chilling and mysterious appearance, such as ghosts or spirits.

Where to buy safe Whiteout Contact Lenses for Halloween?

If you're looking to buy safe Whiteout Halloween contact lenses, look no further than the Extreme Halloween contact lens collection by Offensive Lenses, a reputable brand sold here in lens.me specializing in high-quality, FDA-approved contact lenses. Here at lens.me, you can trust that you’re purchasing genuine and safe lenses from a reliable source, as we prioritize health and safety and customer satisfaction above all else. With an extensive collection of Halloween contact lenses, including the whiteout eyes lens design, you'll find the perfect pair to complete your costume. With our Whiteout contact lenses, you'll enjoy not only a stunning visual transformation but also the peace of mind that comes from knowing you've chosen a safe and reliable source for your contact lens needs.

What are the most popular Halloween looks with Whiteout Contact Lenses?

Whiteout contact lenses can be paired with a range of Halloween costumes that require a chilling or eerie look. They can be combined with makeup styles, such as pale skin and dark eye shadow, to create a more intense and terrifying appearance. These lenses can also be paired with costumes such as angels, demons, and other supernatural characters, adding a touch of mystery and spookiness to your overall look. The unique and haunting design of these lenses is perfect for creating a range of Halloween-inspired looks that are both unsettling and unforgettable. It is important to note that like all contact lenses, Whiteout contact lenses should be purchased from a reputable source and used with caution. It is crucial to follow proper hygiene practices and to consult with an eye care professional before wearing any type of contact lenses.

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