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Anesthesia Colour Contact Lenses

Gorgeous new colours

What are Anesthesia Lenses?

The next generation of colour contact lenses

Anesthesia Black

Dream Gray
Dream Green
Dream Blue
Dream Hazel
Anesthetic Blue
Anesthetic Diamond
Anesthetic Gray
Anesthetic Carbon
Anesthetic Bronze
Anesthetic Shadow
Anesthetic Aqua
Anesthetic Gold

Anesthesia Addict

Addict Gray
Addict Marron
Addict Azure
Addict Amarillo
Addict Oro
Addict Blue

Anesthesia USA 2016

Vegas Pearl
Miami Sapphire
Chicago Apricot
New York Oliva
L.A Vanilla
Vegas Gray
L.A Cinnamon
Chicago Blonde
Chicago Green
L.A Mocha
New York Verde
Miami Blue