Chic Mirror Case

  • Mirror Case
  • 2 contact lens cases
  • 1 contact lens applicator
  • 1 contact lens tweezer
  • 1 mini-lens solution tube (solution is not included)
  • Size: 86 x 63.5 x 21.55 mm

Meet your Chic Mirror Care Case - your ultimate contact lens case kit. Compact, stylish and practical this kit includes a mirror case, two contact lens cases, a contact lens applicator, a contact lens tweezer, and a mini-lens solution tube. With a size of 86 x 63.5 x 21.55 mm, it's perfect for travel or everyday use.

Our elegant mirror case not only lets you check your lenses, but also helps with makeup touch-ups throughout the day. The contact lens cases keep your lenses safe and hygienic, while the applicator and tweezer make handling and applying your lenses a breeze. Plus, the mini-lens solution tube keeps your lenses clean and hydrated even when you are on the go!

Before using your lens cases for the first time, ensure to rinse them with contact lens solution. We generally recommend replacing the lens case when you open a new bottle of solution, or at least every three months. Never use water with your contacts or lens case, always contact lens solution for soft contact lenses.

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