You know what warm weather means: love is in the air along with wedding bells, people you know are graduating from high school or college, and there’s practically a pool party or barbeque every other weekend. When your social calendar is jam-packed, you probably don’t want to show up wearing the same pair of contacts any more than you’d want to wear the same outfit.

Thankfully, your friends here at have put together the ultimate guide to colored contacts for all of your autumn events. Be sure to order several pairs of lenses for each occasion and you’ll be set for a super fun season!

Weddings with Colored Contacts

You certainly want to look your best at a wedding, but remember this one important rule of thumb: do not look better than the bride. Pick an amazing outfit, but remember that the attention should be on her and not your gorgeous look.

Solotica Colored Contact Lenses on

With that being said, a subtle yet interesting colored contact lens works great to grab some attention but not become the center of it.

In addition, glow on your special day with Glow Collection by Bella as their lens options are sultry and glamorous without being too over the top. Try contrasting your lens color with your wedding outfit for a more noticeable look.

Colored Lenses for Parties and Casual Get-Togethers

Whether people are back in town from college or maybe your best friends are coming to visit, there’s no reason that a casual event doesn’t deserve the gift of your amazing eyes. Colored contact lenses here can really run the spectrum from soft and demure to absolutely bold and stunning, depending on who you’re with and what you’re doing.

Solotica Hidrocor Rio Contact Lenses

Headed to the beach with some friends? Nothing says fun in the sun like Hidrocor’s new Rio Collection, which gives you four awesome shades that are inspired by a tropical landscape. Afternoon barbecues at your family’s house might call for something a little more fun, and the bold colors of the Waicon Trikolor lineup are just perfect.

Best Contact Lenses To Wear on Your Graduation

It doesn’t matter if you’re the one who finally gets to say goodbye to school or if it’s someone close to you, as a graduation party calls for a bit more of a grown-up look. It’s a safe assumption that you’re going to keep your makeup minimal and mature, and your outfit will no doubt be spot on.

Anesthesia Contact Lenses

When it comes to the colored contact lenses you choose, how bold should you go? We’d recommend something from the Anesthesia Addict Collection, as these lenses are full of bright pigment and look amazing without seeming artificial.

Special events during autumn always feel so much more magical, because when you combine warm weather with friends and family, what’s not to love? Head over to and pick up a few pairs of colored contact lenses for all of your upcoming events and make sure to choose your options carefully.

Just as much thought as you put into your clothing selection should go into your lens choices, but thankfully you have this handy guide to get you started!