No matter what part of the world you live in, wearing colored contact lenses has become a pretty normal part of today’s fashion trends. Some like to make small changes to their eye color just to brighten their face while others go for big and bold changes to express their own personal style, but either way you go, it’s important to make sure you’re selecting a color that’s right for you.

We can change our makeup palette or even our hair color to more easily compliment our new eye color, but one thing that’s difficult to modify is our complexion. Men and women of nearly every ethnicity imaginable can enjoy colored contact lenses, but making sure to wear the right ones for you is key!

Best Colored Contacts For Your Skin Tone

Examining Your Best Features

Before you place an order at, you’ll want to take some time to really determine the colors that you think will work best with your complexion. We suggest really examining your face and looking at the various skin tones that are present across your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. No one really has the exact same color across their entire face, but by looking at each individual feature, you’ll get a good idea as to your overall skin shade.

Why does this matter? Part of selecting the best colored contacts for your ethnicity has to do with contrasting your lens color with your skin tone. For example, individuals of Asian descent tend to have more brown or yellow tones in their faces, so selecting a lens that’s heavy with these colors may not provide the transformation they’re after. Those who are very light skinned and perhaps of a European heritage could have more redness in their face and would benefit from a cooler shades like blue lenses or green lenses.

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Your Guide To Choose The Best Colored Contacts

While the options available at are simply far too numerous to list, we do want to provide you with a general sense of what shades to look for depending on your own unique complexion. These rules aren’t always true for everyone, but in general, here are the colors to keep in mind:

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Blue colored contact lenses are best for nearly everyone no matter their skin tone or facial features. Those with very dark brown eyes may not see much benefit from this color and should stick with something that has a warmer tone.

Green colored contacts look beautiful on complexions that are light in color, particularly ones that feature a bit of a yellow or red undertone. Blue, medium brown, and even naturally green eyes can all benefit from this pop of color.

Hazel colored contacts work great for people with very light or very dark skin tones, but should possibly be avoided by those who have a lot of yellow or olive in their skin.

Gray colored contacts will look great on everyone, however individuals with very light skin may want to opt for another color that will look more natural.

Ultimately the colors you choose are entirely up to you, and depending on how natural or bold you want to look, the sky is the limit. Check out the options available at and enjoy great customer service and fast shipping worldwide!