Colored contact lenses are designed to cover the iris with the color of the lens but leaving the pupil hole clear so vision is not affected. You can wear colored contacts for cosmetic purposes or to also correct your vision.

How Do Colored Contact Lenses Work

Two Common Questions About Colored Contact Lenses

Is vision impacted with colored contact lenses?

No, as colored contact lenses work in the same way as contact lenses, the lenses stick to the tear fluid on your eye so that they contact lens moves naturally with your eye. The colored part of the lens should therefore always stay stuck to the iris.

If the lens becomes irritated or is worn for too long, then this can impact vision. If this occurs, you should remove the lens to identify the issue and allow your eye to recover.

How long you can wear colored contact lenses for depends on your specific eye but in general they can be worn for up to 8-12 hours a day.

How do colored contact lenses work with a prescription?

Prescription colored contact lenses work in the same way as regular contact lenses. The lens contains the prescription and is designed to correct refractive errors within the eye. They sit on the tear film layer on the surface of the cornea, so they move naturally with your eye.

There is a variety of colored contact lenses at to suit multiple eye types. We offer enhancement tint color contact lenses, full color change color contact lenses, as well as circle lenses.

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