Eagles and Falcons are well known for their sharp vision which is why they are kept in many households in the Middle East for the traditional falcon hunting.

So what would happen, if we had a similar vision as an Eagle?

If we swapped our human eyes for the eyes of an eagle or a falcon, you could see an ant crawling on the ground from the roof of a 9-story building. You could make out the expressions on basketball players faces from the worst seats in the arena. Objects which are directly in your line of sight would appear magnified, and everything would be brilliantly colored, rendered in an inconceivable array of shades.

You would be able to see ultraviolet light of which nobody can possibly imagine how this would change our perception of vision.

So why haven't our eyes evolved into eagle eyes then? Simply because we don't need only vision. In birds, a larger area of the brain is utilized to process visual information, which is why birds don't have such a highly developed sense of smell or taste.