Some of us might wear sunglasses because they look cool, but what’s more important to realize is that these pieces of fashion actually have a very functional purpose. Our eyes are incredibly delicate, and while the sun might feel warm and nice on our face, its rays can damage our eyes pretty quickly.

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Many contact lens wearers believe that just because their lenses work to absorb UV that they are completely protected, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Let’s take a moment to talk about the sun protection you need even when wearing contacts.

All About UV

Without getting too technical, it’s important to understand that the sun’s rays reach our eyes in varying forms. The general term is called UV, but there are different types including UV-A and UV-B, and both are harmful.

Sunlight that enters through our pupils can have a radiation effect that, over time, can cause cataracts and other ocular issues. Even the surface of our eyes can encounter problems if we don’t protect ourselves from UV exposure.

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It’s recommended that everyone, especially children, wears sunglasses whenever they are exposed to sunlight in order to keep UV rays at bay. Be sure to look for eyewear that offers full protection against both UV-A and UV-B wavelengths.

Does Contact Lenses Help?

Many contact lens brands are quick to advertise on their packaging that they are UV blocking, but that doesn’t mean that these small items can replace a pair of sunglasses. Upon further investigation, you’ll find on most manufacturer’s websites a clause that states their contacts are not to be used for full UV protection.

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Unfortunately, consumers believe this quick statement seen on the front of their contact lens packaging to mean that wearing contacts gives them all the coverage they need without doing any further research. They go on for years without wearing appropriate sunglasses only to find that they haven’t protected their eyes as well as they should.

What You Need To Remember!

In today’s world of long days and busy schedules, remembering to wear sunglasses may feel more difficult than it needs to. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

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  • Your eyes are delicate and the only thing that will fully protect them from UV rays are sunglasses.
  • Keep a pair of sunglasses in your car just in case you forget to bring some with you when you leave the house.
  • If sunglasses aren’t an option, wear a wide-brimmed hat to ensure your eyes are kept in the shade.
  • Contact lenses are designed to help you see, not to protect your retinas from the sun
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