The reasons for wearing colored contact lenses are as different as the people who choose to wear them. Sometimes you might want to enhance your natural color to make it look more bold and vibrant. Other days might call for a complete style change, where you want to have an eye color that’s different than your natural shade.

Whatever the case may be, it’s helpful to know which colored contact lenses work best for your eye color. At, we take pride in offering a wide array of the best contact lens brands in the market with gorgeous shades that will take your breath away. Let’s explore some of your options!

The Best Colored Contacts for Brown Eyes

Enhancing your natural eye color is easy if you have brown or light hazel eyes. Simply choose a shade that’s warm to impart a natural glow. A popular options are Ocre and Avela, found in the Solotica Hidrocor Collection. If you want to go a bit lighter, try Ambar or Mel, a selection available on Natural Colors Collection or difference between Hidrocor and Natural Colors is the limbal ring.

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You can also create a unique look by choosing a colored contact lens that’s on the cooler side of things, including medium toned gray and green colors. Get both shades in one lens with Spanish Late from the Amara collection.

The Best-Colored Contacts for Green Eyes:

Perhaps one of the more versatile eye colors, individuals with green eyes can choose from a wide range of colored contact lens options at Emerald Green from the Bella Elite line or Hidrocor Rio Ipanema from Solotica enhances green eyes with a playful green shade that will add depth and sparkle.

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Completely changing up your style sometimes involves a bit of dramatic flair, and you can get that with ease if you try the color Cristal or Ice from Solotica in both the Natural Colors and Hidrocor Collection.

The Best-Colored Contacts for Blue Eyes:

Highlighting blue eyes can be really fun, and several options from Anesthesia work beautifully on nearly all natural shades. Downplay your eyes with our best-selling Blue from the Anesthesia Addict Collection or the colors Quartzo and Topazio from Solotica brand with a light and soft tone that will certainly change your look in no time.

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Want to go bolder and embrace the eye color you already have? has the perfect answer with Miami Blue, a part of the Anesthesia USA series. Bold and breathtaking, you just might want to wear these lenses day after day. Check out the entire collection of Anesthesia lenses to discover the colors suitable for blue eyes.

Not only do contact lenses provide an element of comfort and convenience like nothing else but wearing colored contact lenses allows you to express yourself in a variety of different ways. Just like you change your wardrobe or your hairstyle, try these great options from to change up your overall look.

What Are The Most Popular Green Colored Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes?

You might wonder which green colored contacts will look natural on brown eyes - especially for dark brown eyes. Green colored contact lenses come in different shades, at, you can find monotone (single-color shade), bi-tone (two combined shades, which could be either different shades of green or green combined with another color) and multi-tone (three tone shades with green as the primary combined with other colors). We’ve listed the top 5 most popular and best-selling green colored contact lenses for brown eyes .

Best Green Colored Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes

1. Solotica Hidrocor Jade - Earning the top for the bestselling green color contact lens is Hidrocor Jade from the world’s most natural colored contact lens brand from Brazil, Solotica! This green colored contact lens is inspired by the precious stone Jade that looks earthy and natural on any eye color, particularly on dark brown eyes. If you are looking for an earthy shade of green color contact lens with a natural finish, Solotica Hidrocor Jade could be the one for you!

2. Anesthesia Anesthetic Fonesta - A rich-forest green color contact lens with flecks of yellow around the pupil hole will brighten your look in an instant! Anesthesia’s bestselling Anesthesthetic Fonesta is undoubtedly one of the best green colored contacts you shouldn’t miss to try if you’ve been wanting to have the gorgeous green eyes of Emma Stone or Adele! Try it today and be amazed by how small change can make a huge difference by just wearing colored contacts.

3. Bella Elite Emerald Green - Delicate green eyes can be now yours with the stunning Bella Elite Emerald Green colored contact lenses. A popular green colored contact lens from the bestselling Bella Elite line-up, Emerald Green contact lenses are the best accessory to finish your casual makeup look or romantic evening styling! Green eyes are rare and beautiful and with these green colored contacts, it will add depth and sparkle that will capture one's attention leaving a remarkable impression.

4. Solotica Aquarella Amazonia Green - If muted green colored contacts are your cup of tea, check out the Amazonia Green from the Solotica Aquarella Quarterly range! Amazonia Green colored contacts reflect the lush green and richness of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. If you’re new to colored contact lenses and want to try green, this shade should definitely be one of your options. Perfect to be worn with or without makeup, having green eyes is now as easy in just a blink of an eye.

5. Solotica Aquarella Samba Green - Another entry coming from Solotica's Aquarella Quarterly line-up, Samba Green colored contacts will give you a blog and striking beauty giving you a character that is difficult to ignore. These green colored contacts come have cool undertones that could look gray depending on the lighting environment. If you have dark brown eyes and want a complete transformation, Solotica Aquarella Samba Green is no question the right green colroed contacts for you!

Remember, our suggestions are just guidelines, and you shouldn’t be held back from any color combination you desire. If you have blue eyes but want to wear brown lenses - go for it! The flexibility and fun you get from colored contact lenses are what it’s all about.

At, you can find many brands of colored contact lenses that will surely give you the drive to change your look in the most natural-looking way!