Protect your eyes from harmful UV rays with the new Transitions Contact Lenses from Acuvue. These lenses use the most advanced technology where lens color shifts in effect when exposed to harmful rays. In short, these contact lenses knows light and helps you less squint so you can enjoy all-day crisp vision.

New Acuvue Transitions Contact Lenses - the contact lens that knows light

What are Transitions contact lenses?

Transitions lenses are the latest technology for contact lenses which adapt to different scenarios of stressful light which might impact your eyes. The lenses adapt to suit your light environment and help with vision and protecting your eyes.

How do Transitions contact lenses work?

Transitions lenses use light intelligent technology to carefully balance the amount of indoor and outdoor light that enters the eye. They work to filter both blue light and harmful UV rays without comprising on clear vision.

Do Transitions lenses look darker in bright lights?

Transitions lenses do become darker in brighter lights as they work to adapt to the environment. They have been designed by Acuvue to have minimal change on the appearance of the eye and adapt back quickly to clear when transitioning into normal light environments.

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What can Acuvue Transitions lenses protect my eyes from?

Acuvue Transitions lenses respond to different light situations which affect our eyes so if you’re outside in the sun or watching TV or playing sport, the lenses will adapt to shield and protect your eyes. They also work at nighttime to limit halos and starbursts.

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How long can I wear Acuvue Transitions contact lenses?

Wear time depends on your specific eye type however as a general rule it is not recommended to wear your contact lenses for longer than 8 hours a day. Acuvue Transitions lenses are available in in a 6-pack of lenses for two-week replacement schedule. You should always consult your eye doctor before trying contact lenses.

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Do I still need to wear sunglasses with Transitions lenses?

Transitions lenses do not cover your full eye, leaving areas exposed, and therefore do not provide the same protection as sunglasses. Transitions lenses can be worn with non-prescription sunglasses for full protection from UV rays.

Where can I buy Acuvue Transitions lenses?

You can purchase your Acuvue Transitions lenses on safely and quickly, click here to view product.