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Biomedics 1 day Extra Toric - 30 lenses

Biomedics 1 day Extra Toric - 30 lenses

  • Daily toric contact lens

  • Dia 14.5mm , BC = 8.7 mm

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Price per pack: USD54.50
Prescription: Left Right
Power means the medical prescription power you require. Please enter 0.00 if you don't need vision correction.
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Refers to the amount of extra power needed to correct the astigmatism. It will always appear as a - (minus) number.
Indicates the area of the extra power in a toric lens. This oval area could be vertical or horizontal or at any angle in between; with an axis between 0 and 180 degrees.
The convenience of daily disposible contacts is hard to beat, but with Biomedics 1 Day Extra Toric lenses, individuals with astigmatism get the best of all worlds. By using Cooper Vision’s unique technology to deliver uncompromised vision all day long, crisp and clear eyesight can be yours.
Whether you’re living an active lifestyle or simply want the ease of throwing away your contacts at the end of each day, Biomedics 1 Day Extra Toric lenses are ideal. Many medical contact lenses aren’t designed to achieve both superior comfort and excellent vision, but those who demand quality lenses will be pleasantly surprised here. Try Biomedics 1 Day Extra Toric contacts today and feel comfortable and confident from morning to night.