Amara Choco - 2 lenses

  • Monthly disposable color contact lens for daily wear
  • 2 lenses per box, same power
  • Base Curve 8.7
  • Diameter 14.5
  • Lens material - Polymacon
  • Water content - 38%
Price per pack $40.80
Prescription: Right Eye

Amara Choco

Unleash a unique beauty with Amara Choco, part of the Amara Georgina Rodriguez Collection's monthly disposable colored contacts. These lenses feature an unusual print design that stands out as a true original, blending dark and light brown tones in a captivating dance of color. The distinctive pattern is meticulously crafted to draw the eye, offering a sophisticated, yet remarkably singular look that's unparalleled in its appeal. Ideal for those who dare to make a statement, Amara Choco color contacts are the epitome of individuality and elegance in vision.

Yes, for those with brown eyes seeking an extraordinary touch, Amara Choco colored contacts are the quintessential choice. The fusion of darker and lighter browns adds a dramatic yet harmonious contrast that enhances the natural depth of brown eyes. These lenses are perfect for creating an impact with a one-of-a-kind look, ensuring that your eyes leave a lasting impression. With Amara Choco, transform your gaze into a mesmerizing work of art, reflecting your unique style and personality.


The result/outcome when wearing color contact lenses will vary on your original eye color, shape of your face, complexion, make-up, lighting and other factors.

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